The Kid Comfort 2 - perfectly suitable for hikes and trips!


Equipped with all kinds of details and enough volume for extended hikes the Kid Comfort 3 provides perfect carrying comfort for kid and parents.


Our only kid carrier featuring the Aircomfort mesh back system offers maximum ventilation on the whole back and is perfect for short day trips and walks.


A»Soft, ergonomic chin pad with side support. Kid Comfort 2 & 3: The soft, ergonomic chin pad with side support provides comfortable stability for the head and the upper body, when the child falls asleep and slouches forward.

B»The soft padded 5-point harness is easy to adjust to the right size. Bright yellow buckles clearly indicate the points that need to be secured for safe carrying.

C»Two stable grab handles make the Kid Comforts easy to lift on the back without additional help.

D»The sun roof option protects the child’s sensitive skin from harmful sun rays, especially on hot summer days or at higher altitudes (sun roof for Kid Comfort Air & 2 available as additional accessory, on Kid Comfort 3 it is integrated). Mind: always apply sunscreen even when the child is not exposed to direct sunlight!

E»The height of the seat is easily and generously adjustable – even when the child is already seated. Lift the buckle under the chin pad to lower the seat; or tighten the adjustment strap to lift the seat. Slip one hand under the seat to support the lift. The height adjustable seat perfectly accomodates the growing child, with the chin at the level of the upper half of the chin pad.

F»The simple and safe side entry is very popular with Larger children, because they have the option of climbing into the seat by themselves. This also makes lifting smaller children into the pack much easier and minimises back strain.

G»Height adjustable footrests prevent nerves getting pinched which can lead to cold legs or pins and needles. The foot rests are mobile, which encourages the child to kick with the legs and thus promotes circulation. The foot rests are attached in a way that prevents the child from standing up. If they extend their legs, they will just press against the back rest of the carrier.

H»The sturdy aluminium frame provides a safe and stable free-stand with its wide kickstand and guarantees an easy access. Its frame geometry has no rough and sharp edges, is extremely robust and features a soft fabric cover in the seat area (Kid Comfort 2 & 3). You can effortlessly extend and retract the kickstand while carrying. A “click” sound ensures that the kickstand has snapped into its standing or transport position.

I»The S-shaped shoulder straps are inherently stable, come with an airy 3D AirMesh lining and comfortably curve over the shoulders.

J»With the Vari Fit System all Kid Comfort models can be effortlessly adjusted to the wearer’s individual back length. This is vital for the perfect fit of the child carrier and guarantees a safe and balanced carry.

K»Ventilated proven back systems – Aircomfort or Aircontact – guarantee Deuter’s signature carry comfort. The back systems further create a space for airflow between child and carrier: this reduces perspiration, prevents heat accumulation and saves energy.

L»Anatomically shaped, pivoting Vari Flex hip wings follow complex movements and thus save energy on stairs, uneven terrain or steep paths. The Pull-Forward adjustment system on the hip belt easily cinches the child carrier close to the body even when fully loaded.


Find a PDF download of the manual to the following topics:

- Adjust the carrying system
- Adjust the height of the seat
- 5-point harness
- Adjust height of footrests
- Sun and rain roof option

Download it here:part 1andpart 2



This very fine Nylon fabric is extremely lightweight. The PU coating and tight weave enable it to achieve a high waterproof specification. Similar to our other lightweight textiles, the stronger ripstop threads reinforce the lighter main fabric in order to increase its resistance to tearing. Used for our “Bike Bags” and Accessories.

70D PA
70D PA

It is a fine weave of 190 den threads for the Deuter rain covers. It is light with small packing dimensions. The PU coating grants excellent water-resistance.