Aircontact Lite 65+10

The bestselling Aircontact Lite 65 + 10 pack is the perfect adventure companion for any backpacking trip. With a comfortable carrying system and VariQuick back length adjustment, this pack will take you miles into some of the most beautiful terrain you can find.  

Aircontact Lite 60+10 SL

The Aircontact Lite 60 + 10 SL women's hiking pack is perfect for weekend hut trips or longer backpacking outings. With a lightweight carrying system and the chimney effect ventilation, you will stay cool and dry mile after jaw-dropping mile.


Aircontact Lite 50+10

The Aircontact Lite 50 + 10 pack boasts lightweight, reliable comfort with a streamlined and a classic fit. 

Aircontact Lite 45+10 SL

The Aircontact Lite 45 + 10 SL women's hiking pack is perfect for hut trips or longer backpacking outings. 

Aircontact Lite 40+10

From trekking and mountaineering tours to overnights in the front country, this pack is built for comfort and convenience. 

Aircontact Lite 35+10 SL

With its minimal weight, ergonomic fit, and modern design, this do-it-all pack for women offers lightweight, reliable comfort on any mountain outing.